Thursday, 29 August 2013

`Assumption` is the mother of `cock-up`

Every now and then you come upon a moment to savour and this morning the moment was mine.
Strolling to the bank of a nearby town, I was confronted by a woman looking not dissimilar to the image above. 
As well as a 3yr old kiddie in pushchair, she had a large mastiff dog on one lead and the kiddie was holding a lead to a similar dog, as they all stumped along towards me.
I crossed the pedestrian precinct to the bank I intended to enter, but she must've thought I was moving away from her dogs and started to berate me rude and loud, saying words to the effect that the dogs were safe.
I replied, "I'm sure the dogs are lovely - it wasn't them I was getting away from". 
I think it may have taken her a few minutes to work that one out...
It just blurted out. Those replies, with the delayed action message, are always my favourites.