Thursday, 26 August 2010

Guns in our society and guns in other societies - one perspective

In the wake of the Northumbrian and Cumbrian shootings, much blog-debate took place on issues surrounding firearms in society, the general arming of police throughout the UK, the availability of firearms for lawful use by UK citizens and the enforced removal of said firearms from the ownership of certificated, gun owning, UK citizens in the wake of `Dunblane`.  For some reason, it is the United States situation that always seems to be flagged up as a comparison with the UK.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, whose parents were killed by an insane gunman is shown, above, in theembedded video, delivering her testimony to a committee discussing further gun control.  She is from the State of Texas. I make no further comment on what she says, other than to say that she said it with remarkably controlled conviction and that it allows us a peek into aspects of life and attitudes to gun control in America, that we might otherwise be unaware of.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Princess for a Day


Over the years I've seen quite a few weddings, latterly from both sides of these events. As a kid growing up in the fifties I  recall attending family weddings and having a great time running around the reception venue and sliding across dance floors like a sweaty loon. With much pleasure, I can say that the happy couples from those family weddings I remember attending as a small child are still together, a testament to love, affection, courage and patience and doubtless many other virtues, as well as a dollop of good luck.  

I have very recently started to experience  the eye-watering costs that can be expended on the 21st Century version of these  `big days` as well as some very interesting facets of human behavior, that include the following observations: 

  • The brides female friend/bridesmaid etc who usually ends up in floods of tears, as other gals gather round to offer support, advice and, in a couple of cases, make snide remarks to each other out of the poor victims earshot. 
  • The regular crowds of young women that attend in evening `attire` that always seems to consist of dresses where their arse hangs out below the hemline and their tits are crammed into what remains of the material at the other end. I reckon they must use something called a `boob-horn` to get them in, oh and tottering about in shoes like bricks on stilts - the sort I used to see as I walked past Soho sex shops (bondage section) in my beat-pounding days in central London.
  • The sight of `cultured` invited guests and family members turning into horrid, voracious creatures when they suddenly discover that the groom's Dad has stuck £2 grand behind the bar. The mad scramble reminding me of scenes from the film "Zulu" when the warlike hoards, baying for British blood, rush the barricades as the gallant few do and die for Queen and Country. If you want to see how quickly civilisation breaks down, just announce there's a free bar. If you want a generally nice evening, do not make this announcement.
  • Seeing the £2 grand behind the aforementioned bar disappear in less than an hour, along with what little decorum was left, when left to the mercy of people who could well have been the Scottish Olympic drinking team..
  • The smacked-up female guest, pilfering from the handbags of her other friends because she needs to fund another hit, downtown, later that evening. (FFS, who invited her??)
  • A fist fight breaking out between bride and her sister over god knows what.
  • And not forgetting the genuinely lovely people who want to see their nearest and dearest have a wonderful day that they can cherish for hopefully more than a couple of years.
  • PS: What do you call someone with syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes? An incurable romantic.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

We're ACPO.... trust us

"I followed ACPO guidelines and grassed up the bloke at the end of the street. He fitted the profile, kept himself to himself  (a bit of a loner) was polite but `distant`, loved his mother, I mean she even lived with him. Trouble is I now believe think I got it ever so slightly wrong and wish to make an amendment -  I don''t think he's a terrorist, I now think he's just a paedophile, released less than halfway through a seven year sentence. Can my retraction be acknowledged, in writing, please?"