Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Farewell to a Legend of `D-Day` 1944

The legendary Bill Millin has passed away......."Lest we forget"


Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace.

TonyF said...

Hear Hear.

sparkflash said...

"Give us a tune, piper!"
"What tune would you like, sir?", I asked.
"Play "The Road to the Isles"," he said.
"Would you like me to march up and down?"
"Yes! Yes! March up and down! That would be lovely!"
So there I was, going backwards and forwards, piping away when I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was this sergeant I recognised and he said, "What are you playing at, you mad bastard? Every German in France knows we're here now!"

Curiously, it was only a few weeks ago that I was recounting that tale to an American friend of mine, as an example of one or two things that can, despite the best efforts of politicians, still make me proud to be British.

Rest in peace, you mad, brave bastard.

Hogday said...

Sparks: To quote from Wellington at Waterloo: "I don't know what they do to the enemy, but by God they scare me".

I hope to be stood at Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, at Midnight on June 6th 2014

Anonymous said...

We could have done with an extension for his generation. We're losing the plot. A glass is raised here.

I have to mention this Hoggie, but by the time you get your unit to Pegasus Bridge, the new enemy will have had time to convert most of Eastern Europe. No doubt Gold Command is doing your route planning?

Stressed Out Cop said...


Hogday said...

ACO: Plot well and truly lost - in fact, there is no current plot to lose. We have people out there amongst us, who have not been given the groundings of politeness, fair play or common decency. And just like the rogue dog, it's not all their fault.

SOC: Howdy old chum. Thanks for peeping in through the cobwebs of my slow moving blog:)

sparkflash said...

Will it be the actual Pegasus Bridge at the museum, or the replacement at the river?

Either way, should be rather good to see, and you can check your watch and say, "I'm sorry we are two and a half minutes late.. and sixty years.."

Hogday said...

Spark': Personally, I find both locations extremely evocative, but I guess if I was a ghost of an `Ox and Buck's` I'd be moving somewhere between the two.