Friday, 28 September 2012

Good afternoon, here is the news

Just got back from a shopping mission to Norwich on the bike. Blimey, there were some strange sights there. It was as if the city was today's mystery tour destination for coach outings of `secure unit` inmates, victims of freak tattoo and body piercing accidents, tourettes support groups and talentless tone deaf street musicians. Luckily I blended in nicely, so no one bothered me and the lady on the Clarins counter in Debenhams was really helpful when I forgot what moisturiser I was supposed to get.

and in other news...

Eloped schoolgirl and her teacher found in France...

Well, the media do have their uses. ...although it is unclear how much help was received from the French lot.
Perhaps they'll try and score some plus points to mitigate the "low-life" rating they currently have although it seems that the threshold for sexual shenanigans for French girls is different as, under French law, a 15-year-old is not considered a minor in sexual terms, so says Sky News. I bet a load of men drafted that piece of legislation, as once happened in the UK. Until not so long ago, indecent assault on a 14 yr old girl only carried a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment, whereas an indecent assault on a male of any age could get you 10.
So you never know, there may yet be some `topless` pictures to follow, because if there's a sniff of sexual intrigue, they'll tittilate it. Oh and one more thing, Tourette was French.

and finally, on a more serious note, one of the British victims of the Kathmandu plane crash has the same name as a friend of mine. The world cannot be that small, surely? But whoever they are, may their gods be with them.

Good afternoon and be nice to each other.... sleep tight.


Scootard said...

I often find a day in the city to be a bewildering process. People masquerading as human in a large part, the talentless drones to which you alluded abound, and the self-consumed workworn toadies that hustle and strive.

Then I get to twist the throttle and leave them all behind......oh bliss!

Hogdayafternoon said...

Scootard: Thanks for dropping in. Bewildering it can, indeed, be. I learnt to disregard the word `normal` many decades back along the trail :)

Have visited Vancouver several times en route to and from Calgary. Have a friend working there in the health food business. I should bring the bike next time.

Trobairitz said...

I really hate riding into the bigger cities and luckily can avoid them most of the time. The last time we were in Portland I mentioned that it looked like Halloween all year round.

As far as age of consent, it is pretty high here in Oregon but I remember it being fairly low growing up in British Columbia.

TonyF said...

Definition of a gentleman:

Someone who can play the accordion (bag pipes, whatever), but doesn't.

Especially in public.

As for tattoos and bizarre piercings. Well as someone once said, 'You can either have tattoos or you can have class, never both.'

BillB said...

Hogday - as a late eccentric aunt used to say, "The sights you see when you don't have your shotgun"

As possibly another theorem I tell people that "when people like me are considered normal the world is definitely askew" ;-)

On 15 year old girls and eloping with their school teachers our powerful California Teacher's Union defeated a bill making it easy to fire teachers who have molested some of their students.

I wouldn't think a 15 year old would know anything about relationships and if I were her father with a shotgun...

In the small world dept let's hope it isn't that small - but I have seen examples to the contrary.

Regardless some family will be devastated.

Having gotten old enough (a feat denied some of those I have known along the way) - I have realized that with each death it is like a pebble falling onto a still pond - the wave radiates out affecting things that we can't know about or even see -

Justthisguy said...

I think this is sorta-kinda on-topic: At least it's about the ongoing decay of Western Civilization.

Please see:

I think what will particularly annoy you about that, is the part about cops neglecting their plain duty, so as to be politically correct.

BillB said...

@TonyF - reminds me of a good friend in the Army - he was initially in the Marines as an enlisted man and had a tattoo of a bulldog on his arm - fast forward a few years as an officer in the Army he felt that he should have the tattoo removed - which he did.

TonyF said...

Hi HD,

Just in case you hadn't notices a remarkable resurrection...

Justthisguy said...

TonyF, I have no tattoos, but there are two tattoos I have contemplated getting; "Molon Labe" on the outer side of the starboard forearm, where it would be visible to the guy I am looking at when holding a rifle, and"Sat Cong" (Vietnamese for "Kill Communists" ) on my chest. Oh, and maybe a Confederate battle flag right in front of my heart.