Thursday, 18 October 2012

U.K. D.I.Y.

My old contacts tell me that some 1,200 Met police officers are receiving their "Dear John/Jane" letters saying their services are no longer required. These are to officers who were employed under the 30+ and 30 + PLUS schemes which, like it or not, have been a major contribution to the service. This scheme has been defunct in many other forces for some time so the Met has done well to hang on thus far. The scheme basically re-employs officers who have reached their retirement point of 30 years service, but who were offered the chance to stay on beyond that date, at a proportionally reduced rate of pay.

This comes at a time when the Government seem to be getting all excited about `allowing` people to whack burglars who enter their homes (uninvited and with intent to steal, rape, comit GBH etc., of course, otherwise they wouldn't be burglars). `Scumbags` posing as meter readers etc require extra caution as some may actually be genuine and work for utility companies requiring those £digits£. The smoke and mirrors here is that folk have always been entitled to use reasonable force in defence of themselves and their property, so I wonder what's new? Surely it's nothing to do with political party conference time, is it?

On a different tack, but having a ring of similarity about it, I phoned my health centre last week as I had earache. They are fantastic, friendly folks. I got an appointment for 20 minutes later!! I had to get my skates on (my motorcycle gear actually) to make the appointment in time - I was impressed at the speed of the service. The doctor checked out the offending lughole and declared `wax on the eardrum`. I told him that I suspected as much as I'd had my ears syringed 6 weeks earlier, having had to apply olive oil for 2 weeks prior to (a common biker symptom due to wearing earplugs) but the nurse's `Ear O' scope` wasn't working, neither was the one she borrowed from a doctor's office, so she couldn't be sure she'd dealt with it properly, something that turned out to be correct. I was sent off with more instructions to administer olive oil for a week whilst they sent for new light bulbs for their otoscopes - or was this just a cunning ploy to buy them time?

I phoned for another appointment at midday yesterday and was seen 5 hours later, again, pretty good. This time, nursie had a lugscope that was working (either that or she was  speaking very convincingly) and a few minutes later I could see/hear/everything again! Out came stale extra virgin olive oil and a sundried tomato. Deep joy.

I just wonder what government strategies will come forth so that the new concept of DiY policing will migrate over to the health service?


Blue Eyes said...

"Surely it's nothing to do with political party conference time, is it?"

How very dare you!

H'actually, this rather obtuse policy has been a Tory soundbite for quite a while. For some reason every time it gets debunked they go quiet and then talk about it again a few months later.

I will look forward to reading the legislation when it finally comes in, but not as much as I "look forward" in trepidation to the court hearing the next time someone gets done in in someone else's home.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Blue: Whatever happens I hope they keep it simple - some hope.

As for my DiY efforts, I'm not so keen on trying complex medical procedures but I'd be happy taking out a burglar, given the appropriate equipment. My old asp remains legal in my own home (when I last checked the Prevention of Crime Act 1953), but then again so does my old maglight. Trouble is the swinging room required would damage my old walls. I favour something with a little more finesse, but can't think of anything at the moment. (My American chums need not comment as most of their suggestions would not apply over here:)

Quartermaster said...

My Llama Model IX is certainly appropriate equipment here in the old Confederacy. In places like New York City, where morons run the place, such equipment can get you arrested if you use it as it was intended to be used and whack said evil doer. The US is not consistent in that regard, Some jurisdictions are as sorry in that regard as the UK is currently.