Friday, 23 November 2012

It ought to be against the law

A few posts down we were debating the scoping exercise regarding the introduction of laws to restrict the novice activities of novice drivers.

I don't like intrusive laws that tell me what I must or must not wear on my motorcycle, preferring to use my own judgment.

There are some things that the law, in a liberal democracy, really cannot fix 

and was that rider saved by a lucky pony tail? Maybe s/he even lived to go home and make his/her excuses



TonyF said...

That made me cringe.

Some many years ago, me and a mate were having a cuppa with Charlie Williams outside his shop in Chester. (Everything But Bikes)It was a warm day, but never the less, we were appropriately attired. (Boots gloves and jackets. Sadly I had jeans on, 'cos I couldn't afford anything else at the time) When to our astonishment, a chap on a 400N went past. Yes a 400N! This prat was wearing a T shirt, shorts, and Flip Flops! Oh, and a helmet.

Charlie looked at us and said, 'Looks like some of us are doing it wrong'.....

Trobairitz said...

We've talked about that video with our riding friends before. Scary to think someone can be that inattentive to either pass out or fall asleep while riding.

We live in a college town so we constantly see people on scooters and sport bikes wearing flip flops, shorts and tank tops with a full face helmet. And we just shake our heads and wonder where they are going to get the skin grafts from.

Thanks for the chuckle with the joke.

Hogdayafternoon said...

TonyF: Cringe indeed. Thats why I felt obliged to throw in the Clement Freud joke.

Troubairitz: I rode in Utah in 2003. A`no helmet` State. The only time I went without was when we rode through Zion at about 25. Apart from that, when a bug hits you at 30 it hurts, at 50 thats a mini missile. Yet although I always wore a helmet in the UK, even before it was compulsory, I dislike being legal'd into wearing one.

BillB said...

Seeing that video I was sure that was going to be really ugly. While I am not a rider, the mandatory seat belt law here irritates me.

You can be fined for not having one on.

Now I know the statistics and wouldn't drive without the seat belt, but to have someone tell me I have to have one on...