Friday, 1 March 2013

Progress personified?

No helmets? No knee pads? No brakes?  No parental supervision? And what about those dreadful old buildings either side.....thank goodness for the modern architecture in the background.


Trobairitz said...

A false sense of progress perhaps.

Remember the good old days with no computers and you could just stay out and play with your friends all day as long as you were home when the street lights came on? No cell phones for mom and dad to contact you, etc etc. Just trust that we were all okay.

Some days I don't think technology has made life any better. Easier sometimes yes, but not necessarily better.

Tadanori said...

I'm torn 50/50. Agree with your sentiments but also think the internet is a great tool for finding out what the government and local media don't want to tell you. For instance, during the Iraqi 'war' we could (and did)communicate directly with joe public in Iraq at the same time being spoonfed by our Prime Minister and the Press. I'm hopeful this ability will and, perhaps already has, prevented inappropriate and/or excessive actions throughout the World by various governments. Its not perfect but with luck will only improve. Knowledge is power.

Quartermaster said...

Saw your post on Lexicans from 27 Feb. I don't get there much anymore, and it looks like interest is dying down as people accept Lex's passing and get on with their lives. I didn't get to go to San Dog for his natal day as I was recovering from surgery, alas.

Anywayz...Progress is something Progressives really, really hate. What they are about is destruction. And, it mush not be left out, assholery. The word 'hate' pretty much encloses what they are really about.

MTG said...

Age-related vision impairment could explain why I see only budding physicists and engineers. Little darlings destined to put the economy in orbit for the luxurious pampering of ne'er-do-wells.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Troub: No helmets either, when I first straddled a powered two wheeler in 1968 :-/

Tad: Its the bloody naff `modern` architecture that always gets me.

QM: The facebook group actually buzzes. I join in and enjoy the company. I treat `our` blog as a sort of `House of Lords` Hope your still making good on the recovery. :)

MTG: Nostalgia aint what it used to be.

Blue Eyes said...

The BBC made one of those How Did People Live in the ...? They sent a fairly standard suburban family back to the 1970s. They could function perfectly OK with most of it but they could not function without knowing what each was up to 24/7.

The kids bicycled to the town centre and left a note on the kitchen table. When the mum returned from work she completely freaked out. It was funny and understandable at the same time.

I'm currently watching Mad Men which is based in the early 1960s. The wife meekly waits at home for the husband to return or not. Sometimes he stays in the city with one of his mistresses or goes out drinking with colleagues. But he only phones her to tell her what's he's doing if there is some emergency.

Isn't it amazing how we take all these huge changes in our stride?

Hogdayafternoon said...

Blue: A couple of years ago I was comparing notes with the top soldier of The Yorkshire Regiment re police and army recruits (I dealt with the former for many years). he and i experienced the same thing with the current generation of recruits in that he said the Army had to teach them how to `have an adventure` ie run, climb things, train in the dark woods etc., but once they'd grasped that they were fine!
As for "Mad Men", we are total fans having watched it on Sky for a few years. I don't believe I was ever that sexist!

BillB said...

I think children were happier then, too