Saturday, 19 October 2013

Police Reform for the 21st Century? Look back and learn??

21st Century state of the art `Zumwalt` class destroyer - USN

CSS Virginia - US Civil War Confederate Navy


Blue Eyes said...

Localism, localism, localism.

The problem is, in a nutshell, that the whole shebang has become too management-heavy and the managers are too distant from the community they are supposed to be responsible to.

Sir Ian used to commute in from rural Oxfordshire every day, apparently. Which is presumably how he was able to come up with such gems as: Haringey is so safe people leave their doors unlocked.

Time for a reboot.

Hogdayafternoon said...

1991 I did a paper on your very points, Blue. The ACC said he liked what I'd written, with words to the effect of, `except you are taking your argument in totally the opposite direction that the bright college boys flying to the top of the tree as graduate entries are taking the organisation`. Guess we were both right.

Blue Eyes said...

Yup, and as usual the wrong people got to be in charge.

I read a discussion recently on whether Peel's Principles were affordable in the modern age. What kind of a *question* is that?!

It will be interesting to see whether BHH is allowed to complete his total centralisation of the Met. If he is, and it fails in the way I would expect it to, perhaps it will be the end of that way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting the boys and girls in blue should retire to sailing destroyers up and down our navigable waterways Hogday? I rather like the notion of 'targeting crime' implied! A whole new interpretation of 'hard stop'! Save all that expenditure on personal body-armour too.

Following my exertions on the Duggan inquest I'm considering a series of detective fiction. The investigatory genius will work by sending witnesses and suspects for a week's holiday and interviewing them two years later after as much physical evidence as possible has been crushed. Strange we got no instruction on this at Bruche and Hendon.

I haven't mentioned before that I was on the accelerated promotion scheme, but failed that bit of the assault course where you have to carry the Chief Constable's golf clubs whilst designing the reception menu for an ACPO conference. These days we'd be recommending policy on drones. I know you're a technical man mate, but how do you get an ACPO full of chocolate-dipped strawberries and too much champagne airbourne?


Hogdayafternoon said...

ACO: You are fucking hilarious when you get going! I got to the special course interviews back in `77. I refused the lobotomy and spine removal. The gunboats was my attempt at symbolism - I am surrounded by Sun readers.

Blue: There seems to be a lot of the Gen. Haig mentality - `this is my decision, this is my idea of progress....into the valley of dearth` (sic)

Quartermaster said...

Happy Trafalgar day to y'all in the mother country.

Hogdayafternoon said...

QM: Thanks and greetings to you from the middle gun deck! "England expects.....