Sunday, 11 January 2015

Oh Captain, MY Captain?

The Sunday Times, 11/01/15:
" Whitehall sources say more than 30 Isis fighters in the UK have been placed under surveillance by MI5 because they are considered a serious threat.
Now a further 120 who retain “extremist” views but have escaped detailed scrutiny will be reassessed amid fears that they have the firearms training to commit a copycat attack."

It's at times like these I turn to people former Rail Regulator and International Rail Regulator, the economic regulatory authority for the railways in Great Britain......??? 

 (personal thoughts: `how dare you besmirch that dare you wear very dare you`)

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Anonymous said...

Reap what you sow and all that. I am sure that by working smarter not harder and by getting upstream of the problem it can be solved (other management speak b******t can be generated if needed). If the Home Sec has allegedly not spoken to ACPO for 18 months then I don't see much hope of her taking advice. I'm sure a policy wonk straight out of a PPE course will be of immense help as and when a similar crisis hits the UK. What we will get is a blamestorm of epic proportions landing on the heads of the police, intelligence services etc. OT but I see that according to WIKI the Gendarmerie in France number 98,000 odd officers and the Police Nationale has some 144,000 which when you add in Municipal police means they have some 250K staff. As has been said quantity has a quality all of its own.
I think Winsor will be remembered in much the same way as Beeching.