Friday, 2 January 2009


Just a little `chewing gum for your eyes` while I prepare the next yarn. I hope anyone who happens to view this and is about to embark on a short winter break, isn't put off by this little sequence. Enjoy.... and buckle up. PS: For those who felt this was a little too close to an intended destination, I've flown into a couple of New Zealand airports and didn't feel a thing, plus, here I am, so QED .


powdergirl said...

I'm flying out to California tomorrow , and from there I'm off to Maui for some ocean front yoga, maybe I'll walk instead ? Nah , I'm not scared .
I'll pop in to see what you've been doing when I return from my travels .

Hogday said...

Hawaii in January? Bummer! One of my `must see`s` is The Arizona Memorial. I'm very jealous. Let me guess, 1st hop via WestJet from Kelowna? Have a ball!

Julian Meteor said...

I've never even BEEN on a plane :(
Damn credit crunch!!!!! lol

Vetnurse said...

I am going nuts have not been able to get on here for 2 days (same as couple of other blogs l go on it kept saying that it was invited readers only) and now l can only see the posts up to here 2 january, no side info bars nothing. Added to that my update tells me there is a rather good story of a cat... and l can not read it cause l can not see it :-(

Hence leaving this post stranded here when it does not really apply to whats posted. (sorry Hogday isnt your fault is this stupid computer l am sure)

Officer "Smith" said...

The pilots who DID manage to get them on the ground did it exactly right. Let the low wheel touch down and it'll pull the nose right around down the center line.

I'd be one of the guys going around though.

Call me chicken.