Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gordon? Hello Gordon?? Can you hear us Gordon???

Don't mess with the reasonable people of Great Britain Here are some images of the sort of people we could well do without. Others are of those that we can definitely NOT do without. I do hope Gordon is able to differentiate - and I repeat a previous comment, that Jacqui Smiff will be gone by June, but it may well be that Gordo won't be too far behind at this rate. For anyone who needs to know what this is all about just click on this.


Constable said...


a proper public bollick kicking defeat for Brown. I hope he is squirming after this and is starting to think about his other policies.

I've heard a kick in the teeth is most enlightening.

The times article and it's comments probably say it all. Who knows, one day we might be proud to be British again but never as proud as these men were to serve the Queen.

Not sure how were ever going to be defined as British anymore though, that's the problem. Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament seems like we are no longer a UNITED Kingdom. Incidentally, how can Scottish/Welsh MP's pass and act of parliament and then vote again in Westminster to pass it again. Self serving methinks. If I have got it wrong then please feel wrong to berate me. By the way had to pay £28 for four measly items on a prescription today. Now if I were in Scotland......


Noddy said...

You'd still pay £20 for now.

The last time I checked Her Majesty was still the guvnor so as far as kingdoms go we are still united.

Blue Eyes said...

If Brown keeps this up he is going to get trounced in the next ballot. The Euros I think it is.

Blue Eyes said...

We can be United and devolved. It is possible, just not under the current arrangements.

Constable said...


not a pop at you for heaven's sake you know my parentage.

Why do you have to pay £5 for an item when we pay £7.20? Petty I know.

I'm almost certain that you too have something on your cap badge that says ER II. For how much longer though? Do you actually need your own devolved parliament? Tell me to sod off if you like I won't take offence.


dickiebo said...

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