Friday, 8 May 2009

D-Day - No work for a week!

Off to the Normandy Beaches for a few days. Whilst we're there we'll say a few quiet words of thanks for our Canadian and American fallen who joined us in liberating Europe.


Blue Eyes said...

Enjoy and pass on my thanks too.

powdergirl said...

Thanks for the video tour of Normandy, I had no idea it was such beautiful place.
Have good time, enjoy the vacation.

Bitches In Blue said...

Have Fun !!! :)

Constable said...

We went there about 6 years ago as a block event. You could tell those who had military experience and those who just saw it as an excuse for a piss-up.

Regards and pass on my thanks during your time.


loveinvienna said...

Beautiful beaches with a bloody history. Say a word of thanks on our behalf.

Don't pick up anything shiny and metal unless you are absolutely sure it is a dud. One person a year is killed by unexploded artillery from WW1 and 2 in France - estimated to be 12 million unexploded shells in Verdun alone! We'd like you back in one piece!

Liv xxx

Area Trace No Search said...

What Constable Confused said above.

A touching place, buried in a beautiful area. Have fun, and hope to see the photos when you get back.

By the way, today's Word Verification: "hogrices"

Blue Eyes said...

Any pics from your trip??