Saturday, 23 May 2009

Anecdote (Now with pictures - click on the link `They were Mini's`)

When I transferred from Metrolopis City to Home County city in the mid 70`s, I became a driver of general purpose police cars, then nicknamed `Panda's. They were Mini's. I stand 6` 3" tall. Fortunately my Divisional Commander had a solution. I simply had to submit a short report stating my height and plight and he would authorise me to drive the Mini without having to wear my flat cap. Brilliant leadership! I carried the report inside the flat cap so I could produce it to any supervisory officer who asked me why I wasn't correctly dressed in my police car and I would `get out of jail, free`. It was great being tall in that force.


Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with you on this one. I'm 6'5" and have to try on cars like people try on shoes. I got in a small convertible car on the showroom floor of a dealership one time. My head stuck so far above the windshield that small children were pointing and laughing.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm 5 foot 9 (tall for a female) and even I can't stand to be squeezed into tiny cars. I saw some guy the other day in one of those "Smart cars". His knees were up around the steering wheel. He looked like a complete buffoon! As I sat in the comfort of my minivan, I thought "Yep, pal, you look reeeeaaal smart, there!". LOL.

Hogday said...

Mini's were not good for transporting prisoners, even compliant ones. But up in London, in the heart of the West End, if we got behind a Mini that wanted to get away from us they were a real bugger to keep up with, even though we would be in a V8 engined police car. Little so and so's could scoot around the narrow streets like bloody rabbits. But at least I didn't need special dispensation from the Boss to go hatless in London.

KyLR: As for small European cars, I will now ask the dealer how quickly one can change a headlight bulb before I buy another vehicle. 2 hrs labour charges for a VW Polo! Did it myself for £5 but lost a lot of skin off my knuckles. An Audi is a whole lot worse, so I'm told. Just cant access the darn thing - stupid or what?

powdergirl said...

I think they should have cut in a sun-roof for you.
That way you could still wear your hat while driving and be 'correctly dressed" at all times.
You wouldn't have looked silly at all with your hatted head sticking out the roof!

Hogday said...

PG our standards were high in those days, as well as our headgear.