Sunday, 24 May 2009

England, My England

A nice afternoon at a `traditional` travellers horse fair in an English country village. Policing costs? In the £££thousands. Disruption to the local community? Considerable, over several days. Value added to British Country Heritage? Debatable. Would it be missed? Not by me it wouldn't.


Bitches In Blue said...

Unbelievable & barbaric

Anonymous said...

I can't say a lot here. Back in the day when I was working as a logger and a rigger in the strip mines it was something I did. It is barbaric and plain damn stupid and looking back I wonder why I'm still alive.

Hogday said...

KyLR: MY Grandfather was a bareknuckle fighter in East London in the early part of the 20th century (lightweight). My Dad told me that when Grandad cut up rough the police would have to send a vanload then call for my Dad!

Its not the fighting but the invasion of these `travellers` and the trail of crime and damage that seems to be the only mark they leave in their wake. I don't know if the US has an equivalent?

Constable said...

Travellers and Gypsies my arse.

They are more than dole claiming thieving bastards who cause nothing more than problems no matter where they turn up. Here we actually have a pre-prepared site for them complete with facilities such as bathrooms, washing machines and the like. They appear, cause havoc and leave along with the all useful items they can steal. There are queues of them illegally camping all to willing to take their place.

We all dread the call to "Treacle Street" as we know it will really be a large scaler and not just exaggerated nonsense. Why do we accomodate such dross and encourage them?

I don't care if I have gone too far, anyone who complains either has no idea or lives in a caravan.


dickiebo said...

Nobody who has had any dealings with these 'people' can have any doubts as to their menace. In a former life, I dealt with both protecting their official sites, and removing illegal sites. I'm afraid that I have NOTHING good to say about any of them.
Sorry, but.....that is the real world!