Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Salute to a Great American

My tiny tribute A son of the State of Maine; gifted scholar; academic; patriot; teacher and mentor; man of peace; inspiring leader of men in battle; Hero of Little Round Top, this day, 1863, Gettysburg. We could use a few more like him right now. For an inspiring read


David said...

Joshua Chamberlain was indeed a great leader.

America is in need of prayer, and support, as we once again have incompetent leaders in the government.

Blue Eyes said...

I am a big fan of the American Ideal and it saddens me to see GW Bush get followed by B Obama. Obama seems to have all Bush's worst traits but magnified. I have to say that Reagan and Clinton were more my style. I know little of the civil war era. I do sometimes wonder whether, had the confederates not been so racist, they might have got a better press on their other differences. I am not an expert, and wouldn't mind finding out a bit more sometime.

Hogday said...

Blue: The Civil War casualty statistics are mind blowing