Monday, 5 October 2009


My Nephew and his Regiment have, this very day, set foot in Afghanistan. 1st Bn Coldstream Guards Walk carefully lads. Weapon clean, function checked, eyes open. You're in our thoughts.


Blue Eyes said...

"You're in our thoughts"


Noddy said...

It is amazing how that conflict touches all of us. I have a brother-in-law out there regularly and this week the Polish plumber, who is in doing a grand job in giving us a well overdue new bathroom, has his son returning shortly, to his obvious relief, from a stint out there in the equivalent of the Polish SAS.

Brave men and women - all.

Sage said...

My Nephew is out there on deployment, I am just keeping my fingers crossed as he is a driver with the logistics... and I can't help but be worried... for them all

dickiebo said...

The finest that we still have to offer.
God bless 'em all!

Hogday said...

Noddy, Blue, Sage and Dickiebo: Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I echo Noddy's sentiments; something of the `Six degrees of separation` about this.

Dickiebo: True. When I went to see him during their infantry training at Catterick I couldn't help but think how young and gutsy they were. I recalled some of the off-duty antics I had to jump on during my time in the job, especially the first `run ashore`, post Falklands! We all cut them loads of slack then and it remains much deserved.

I'll be writing to him. If I get anything back I'll post it up, but our guy isn't one for in-depth communication.