Saturday, 14 November 2009

Old Play - New Words

For my old mates on Traffic. Guys, you KNOW I'd have fought this until they punishment-posted me into PSD. For my overseas visitors and non-police readers TPAC = Tactical Pursuit and Containment. RPU = "Roads Policing Unit" aka Traffic Division ie; It's the buzz-name of the moment. Stick around and after a few more `fast track` graduate entries struggle to fill the diminishing upper rank vacancies of FLSR's, `Traffic Division` will eventually be re-invented. Oh, sorry, `FLSR` is one of my own terms of reference for some of the senior mutts = Frontal Lobotomy, Spine Removal.


powdergirl said...

Its funny because its true ?

Just about pmpl laughing, HD. You can't beat those dubbed 'Raging Hitler' vids, you just can't.

Hogday said...

Yes PG, sadly, what was being parodied was probably true, in a British police force* (*now called `service` because `force` is soo oppressive). A large proportion of police hierarchy has apparently been infiltrated by members of the FLSR - Frontal Lobotomy, Spine Removal - school of management.

Actually, there's no `apparently` about it.

powdergirl said...

It's ridiculous.

If I'm in a spot where I need Police, I'm probably in need of 'force' not 'service.'

Christ, I can pour my own tea..

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm glad there wasn't any tea in my mouth when I watched that!

"we won't catch anything faster than a fart in a Diesel effing Volvo"!!!!

Do you know I strongly suspect that those on the front line could manage quite adequately without pie charts... but could those at HQ?

Hogday said...

PG: Over here it's become a world where police forces can score more Gov't-set `target points` for finding and getting involved with a diversity issue (especially hard when there aren't any on your particular neighbourhood, but that's NO excuse) than if they nailed a petty thief that was really pissing off good people just like you :-/

SC: See my previous warning about unexpected sneezes whilst brushing one's teeth in fron of the computer! ;)