Saturday, 23 October 2010

"Comander, what the hell have you got to say about this"? - "Would, "sorry sir" seem a little inadequate?"

I tip my hat to Sleepy Eyed Whiners of the Deep for the below video clip.

PS. Many of my former work colleagues were former submariners and I have the greatest of respect and admiration for the things they had to do on behalf of this country. The Perisher course is up there with the things I wish I could have done, but probably wouldn't have succeeded at.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.


TonyF said...


Actually, not knowing what really happened, my best guess is that the charts may not have been 100% accurate... Or the navigator spilled coffee on it.

There is a brilliant book written about 'The Perisher' but I cannot remember who wrote it. But the things they have to go through to pass. Stuff that for a game of submariners.

Hogday said...

Hi Tony,
I expect the greatest pressure the crew of HMS Astute will ever face is probably that which they are suffering right now at the hands of the news media and, above all, the other piss taking so and so's in the Navy. I found my ex submariner chums amongst the sharpest, funniest, most capable, crafty bastards I ever had the pleasure of working with. One of my favourite days out was at the sub museum in Gosport.

Blue Eyes said...

Brilliant video - is that an attack on a real Senator? Or is it a spoof? Not knowing much about US politics I feel I must ask...

As for the sub, everyone makes mistakes! Hahahahahaha.

CI-Roller Dude said...

I know in our Navy if a capt runs a ship aground he usually gets fired (sacked).

As far as Sen Boxer goes, she's a pompas bitch. And I don't really care if somebody calls me Sergeant or my nick name.

In the Army, if a soldier had been to war, I let them call my by my nick name.

Anonymous said...

Some of me wishes I could be in a bar up there taking the Michael - though I can no longer run fast enough should my intent not be properly recognised.
They salute a lot in the Navy, which would have ruled me out. Always seemed to me that anyone worth saluting would tell you to sod off and not bother. I suspect they were all on deck saluting the passing HMS Troutbridge when they ran aground.
You would have passed Perisher Hog - but after months of swatting 'periscope relativity logarithms' and weeks of course induced stress, you'd find I'd already been given command of the new sub and was out at sea plotting how not to have to marry the Admiral's daughter!

Hogday said...

ACO: "Starboard Lookout `ere, Leading Seaman Goldstein speaking"

Area Trace No Search said...

From what I understand, they were doing shallow water exercises and taking people onboard from the shore - not easy, and I hope it all comes out in the wash.

As we all know, the piss-taking alone will live on for decades to come; the young matelot on his first tour will still be having the piss taken out of him in twenty years time when he moors up at the rock.

As for the Senator - what a foul creature.

Hogday said...

Area: I quite agree! But if it comes out in The Wash, they really do need a new navigation officer ;)

And as for the legacy living on, I was a county mountie way longer than a Metro-gnome, but almost to the day I retired I was `the bloke who transferred from the Met`, something I was quite proud of.

The Senator reminded me of my former head of personnel and admin. A civvy import who did more for morale than General Haig's strategy.

Anonymous said...

I was involved in sea trials, making sure MOD and foreign parties got food, drink and 'company'. Maybe one of these types got loose? I don't envy the poor sods doing the paperwork on this one!

Hogday said...

ACO: I'm going to watch "Fail Safe" again, this weekend ;)