Friday, 24 December 2010

Well, are YOU ready?

What is it with this "are you ready for Christmas"? We always feel slightly bemused when people, doubtless well meaningly, ask this strange question. I mean, is there some sort of deadline when someone at the BBC broadcasts the word "GO"? Is there a point, beyond which, if one is not `ready` that some horrible ill befalls one? Is this why there are people flapping their stressed-out way around supermarkets up and down the land, breathlessly muttering to themselves, "I'm not ready, I'm not ready, when will I be ready, am I ready yet? - OH MY GOD,  I'M NOT F@@KING READYYYYYY!"

Well I'm always ready. Always ready for a pint with friends, a cuddle from any member of the family, especially Mrs Hogday, always ready to chat with friends or strangers, providing they are nice and not pains in the arse. So I just don't get it when I'm asked if I'm ready for bloody Christmas.

Anyway, I hope all my blog pals and acquanitances, who I've enjoyed swapping yarns and comments with this past year, are as happy and as healthy as they can be. Are you ready for this? :)


TonyF said...

Happy Christmas to you all! The best thing about Christmas is the hypocrisy. The very best thing about it is that Spring is a bit nearer..

Sage said...

A Very Merry and joyous christmas to you and Mrs Hogday.... may you be blessed with kindness and happiness xx xx

Blue Eyes said...


If I hear someone getting stuck in the chimney late tonight I'll at least know who it is!

Thanks for the Blog 2010. Looking forward to the Blog 2011.

Hogdayafternoon said...

`May our God bless us, ev`ry one`

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

A Christmas gift from the Badger's Burrow.

Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven
A beautiful telling of the Nativity, told from Mary's eyes.

And a little Bach, Bach wrote music so beautiful, it can make Badger's weep, and we're talking American Badger here. Celtic Woman's version of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desireing:

Merry Christmas!

Hogdayafternoon said...

Badgers, Moles, Ratties and Hogs, too!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I do the cooking in my house; I soon get fed up with the whining "When will it be ready?"
After a few chef's sherrys I tend to scream "WHEN I *&%^&$ SAY SO!"

Merry Christmas Hoggie.

PS Where did you get that drawing of me?

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas 2010!

Crime Analyst said...

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We forget those who put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety and freedom.

Police officers do more than enforce the law; they serve and protect. Every day, officers go to work not knowing the challenges they will face, but they do know the danger every challenge will bring.

Rather than think of danger, officers think of courage. They selflessly work to make this country a safer and freer society.

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"They are our soldiers of humanity. When the devil roars, they shield us from evil".

Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

To each and every one of you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a great Christmas Hoggie!

Steve B

Thin Blue Line

Stressed Out Cop said...

Happy Christmas Mr and Mrs HOGDAY - "Top Blogging Drills" - SOC

powdergirl said...

Merry Christmas, HD, and to Mrs HD as well.
I actually prefer New Years though: Got cocktails? Got friends? Are they in the same place?

Hogdayafternoon said...

A dead ringer on the Hog? Suits you Sir. A good New Year to you and yours, old chum.

Inspector G:
Thanks for taking the trouble to look in. Retired from plodding I may be, but I remain on your side.

Nice sentiments old chum. Keep `em coming.

As those that do (or have done) know, Drills save lives when Dr. Adrenaline kicks in!

A good New Year to good Okanagan Folk :)) [but why was my word verifivication "Fartiver"?? WTF?

powdergirl said...

Thank you Monsieur Hd ! "Fartiver" ; Ancient Okanagan Indian Band word meaning: "Helluva guy, but kinda flatulent".

Also from Olde English Dictionary having to do with "if something is far t' the liver, and on the other side, it's not probably not gonna prove fatal.

Hah, my word veri here is xylysert, I can barely type that, never mind try to pronounce it!

TonyF said...

It's all over??? But, but, I wasn't ready...

Roll on Spring!

Hogdayafternoon said...

:)) @Tony and PG.

Anonymous said...

All the best Hoggie - you are one of them in my book.

powdergirl said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, HD, keep on keepin' on(thats hippie talk y'know : ).

Hogdayafternoon said...

ACO: "Infamy, infamy!! They've all got it in for me"


JuliaM said...

Happy new year!

Area Trace No Search said...

I thought I was until about 1300hours on Christmas day.
A minor oversight.