Wednesday, 23 February 2011

There IS good in the world

 The last few posts have been a little dour, laden with doom and gloom about inhumanity, violence and my general dispair about the criminal justice system in the UK. So, in order to prove that I really do look for good things, I thought I'd highlight a remarkable young person from the other country that recognises me as a citizen, Canada. This guy, at 10 years old, has done more humanitarian work than most  meandering scroti wastrels will ever achieve in several lifetimes. He also happens to be the nephew of good friends of ours from Nova Scotia and we'll be toasting his achievements when we meet up in Espana next week - yippee!

In other news, closer to home, this didn't exactly cheer me as I'm rarely impressed by `justice`, but `see my face, am I bovvered?`


powdergirl said...

Wow, what a great kid! My kids just skate around shooting pucks all day : /
Have fun in Espana!

Yeah, I'm not bovvered either.

Stressed Out Cop said...

Compassion is indeed a good attitude to cultivate in the young. To some of us it comes later in life !! no mean feat having seen the ills of others.

Hoping you are well - I'm still lurking but not on line as much !


Hogdayafternoon said...

PG: A fine young Canadian (that could mean Logan, you or me I guess ;)

SoC: Carry on lurking! (Ooo Matron, I must have the screens)

Lana Banana said...

. . . and this is why i work with kids . . . they're our only hope.

enjoy my ancestral homeland! when you have a glass or rioja, think of me!

Hogdayafternoon said...

Lana: Will do. Love the Spanish. We arrive on the day of a fiesta where, after 2 days of parades..... a sardine is ceremonially buried on the beach. I love spiritual things!