Monday, 21 November 2011

Here Come da F*&%ing Judge

Bring back Sir James


Anne said...

fantastic! And so relevant..

Crime Analyst said...

What a load of b*****ks!
What this is about is not whether or not a police officer feels threatened, harmed or distress by profanity. Police officers are of course hardened to hearing such abuse. That's not the point M'Lud. The point is that the social fabric of the standards in our society is rapidly being eroded, with ridculous comments from plonkers like you making matters worse.
Police Officers uphold the Law you so pompously admininster. I wonder how you would respond if one of these oiks walked into your court and called you a F*****G C**T? Would you be offended? Would you feel threatened, insulted or harrassed? Of course you bleeding well would! And I'd bet the offending scrote wouldn't walk free afterwards.
Yet another nail in the coffin of UK justice, hammered home by someone who is paid to help restore discipline in our society! Heaven help us.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Everyone swears.

A conversational "fuck that" between people in a bar is not an offence.

A "Fuck You" aimed at a person is.

Especially if they are sober and have ASPs.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Dear Chums, thank you, I thought I'd woken up in a parallel universe for a moment.

Anne/Analyst/Conan: Welcome back, sorry I've been absent from your places of late -I visited but didn't comment. Totally concur.
We used to be able to take a face off the street for something as seemingly minor as obscene language, but as Analyst and Conan have inferred, there are times and there are places. That power, wisely used, was a subtle form of social control and, by and large, we used it wisely.