Monday, 7 November 2011

Reading between the lines at the G20 summit???

By special request from Sparkflash, the following clip should be viewed in the context of the current E.U. financial crisis with Greece. The characters portrayed below (Al Swearengen, villainous entrepreneur extroadinaire and Mr Wu, both residents of Deadwood and both up to their ears in life, death and all things illegal and money-making in between) could well be characters from the various on-going Eu. summit crises debates over how to bail out the Greeks, prevent a similar fiasco with the Italians and safeguard everyone else's arse who has a finger in the pie and stands to lose big time. You decide, because as far as I can make out, Merkel, Sarkosy, Cameron and more than a few others could identify with the following conversation!
 But I warn you, this contains some seriously obscene language, so if you think you'll be offended, stay out of the saloon or take suitable precautions before playing the clip within earshot of others of sensitive dispositions - it could make their eyes water and get you into a lot of trouble.


Anonymous said...

Deadwood was superb. Al would be the best man in Parliament. the Greeks have long believed (along with the Arabs) and various Swampees that work scars the soul. Given most work is neurotic I tend to agree. Their system might work with honest accounting. We can afford better wages and pensions - the snag being we do have to put the work in and be free of debt and the burden of the rich and tax-avoiders. They just have more equal dishonesty distribution in Greece. How they thought they could get away with this under the Merkel boot I don't know.
There is nothing to learn - it's always been thus. The question is how much our banks have insured in mad deals there and Italy, Portugal and Spain,measured in billions of our taxes. Strangely, we should follow their example on wages bur direct the work to what's productive. Al might just be the man! Pick up 'Going Greek' of 4OD if you've missed it.

sparkflash said...


Frustratingly, we know exactly who and where the thieving cocksuckers are. We're also required to vote for them and sit back whilst they ignore us.

Having them butchered in some random back alley is also, apparently, not the done thing.

Some people need to take their testicles back.

Anonymous said...

The Deadwood language was excellently Shakespearean. I'm watching the overkill on the student protests at the moment - one can only suspect violent protest will soon be seen as the only alternative to bring matters to the cocksucker attention. Sky News have let a superintendent of some kind on who keeps mentioning 'throwing bottles' as none are thrown. Al would not make his move where the odds were 4000cops v 200 students!

Blue Eyes said...

Lovejoy for PM!

Totally un-PC but ruthless and gets things done. Just what we need at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Good to see you at Lex's place.


Hogdayafternoon said...

Paul: Thanks chum! I do enjoy the company over there - lively, ain't it!

Anonymous said...


Lively indeed. A right fun crowd, often with good/witty thoughts and fun links.