Wednesday, 6 June 2012




Old AF Sarge said...

Thanks for posting this HD. Those who fought for us in WWII are fewer and fewer in number. Those who remember their sacrifice also seem to be dwindling. Those of us who care need to remember and let the younger generation know who paid the price for our freedom.

Oh, almost forgot:

"God Save the Queen!"

May there always be an England.

TonyF said...

Hear Hear!

Hogdayafternoon said...

Thanks chaps. Its a duty and a privilege to remember.

Quartermaster said...

All the WW2 vets from my family are gone. The Korean War vets are too. The Vietnam vets are beginning to pass as well.

It was depressing to see the Queen's boat, but no ships from the Royal Navy. As one wag put it, "The only waves Britannia Rules are on the Thames." Both our countries are squandering the legacy we have been handed.