Friday, 10 August 2012

Police "re-connecting" via the Olympics - but with who?

I hear, through the very few meeja outlets that I let into my life these days, that the meeja writers and hacks now seem to think the public are `re-connecting` big time with the police who they are encountering, so positively, at the London Olympics.

Could it not be because the police and the public referred to are all at an event that the visiting public want to be at, are happy and excited to be at, have paid good money to be at, are in a holiday mood, want to support their countrymen and women atheletes, don't want to be subjected to a terrorist outrage and see the police as helping to prevent such an act? Whereas, in normal daily life there is nothing much in the way of collective good will and positive attitudes prevailing? Olympics has dominated the news. Team GB has done brilliantly. The organisation bringing us the Games has done brilliantly, London Transport has been amazing despite the hyped doom and gloom stories circulated to sell news - especially poor old G4S. Ah, but its not over yet. Hang on in there guys, just a bit longer before we can breathe easy.

We've heard precious little about crime and grime that has polluted the games - but that's because there has been none to speak of (unless there is a sinister plot to subdue the truth). It seems to me that when great sporting events with great results for our nation dominates the media, even hideous civil war in the Middle East cannot dent the feel good feeling across the nation.

Ah but just a minute. The football season is just a couple of weeks away, but somehow we know that it's not enough - its too tribal, too polarised and still too violent and narcissistic.

There's something about the `Games` that needs to be captured, bottled and introduced into the water supply. Or do we all just need a reality check? They say you shouldn't rant when you've had a few drinks. I may remove this post in the morning. Go Team GB. I am immensely proud.


BillB said...

Other than the beginning mini-fiasco about seeing half empty stadiums - because of sponsors unclaimed seats? - I think they went splendidly - I cannot imagine the logistics and planning that go into hosting one of these -

Job well done!

As far as the police and public "reconnecting" - other than - at least over - getting caught in a speed trap - being stopped for going 10mph over on the freeway - I think by an large the public has never disconnected - at least I see the police as the thin blue line separating society from anarchy - doing a job that few of us would want to do.

Itwasntme said...

I visited London for an olympic event yesterday. The first difference I noticed that people on the tube were vibrant friendly and chatty rather than the usual head down, don't look at anyone! The volunteers, staff and police were all exceptionally helpful and I had a completely stress free journey to my venue - thanks for that. However, to pick up on your message about relationships with the police: I have an extensive history with the police (ASBO and warning markers and such-like) and it seems that the police at Paddington station had a good eye for a trouble maker. I was followed around by one particular officer, sussed out by the way of casual questioning in the tone of friendly chat. Then observed for some time. After a-while, 3 police officers clubbed together, requested I come with them into a quiet corner and questioned me at length about my attendance and reasons for being where I was. (2 and 1/2 hour wait for train.) I kept within the spirit of the Olympics and played nice. Answered all their questions honestly and after a thorough checking out (I.D. / tickets / and PNC) I was allowed on my way (well, back to my seat) just a few minutes later. Was interesting to see same police officer stood by my carriage of my train (2 hours later) watching me board to make sure I left when I said I would though. He managed to have the good grace to wish me a good journey home, I could tell it was begrudging (my PNC would have told him some interesting things!) but appreciated the effort and reciprocated by leaving with no fuss and without giving ANY attitude!
I somehow don't think that encounter would have finished the same way if it had happened anywhere else!!! The Olympics atmosphere certainly should be bottled!
(By the way, I heard on the radio that someone was selling bottled Olympic atmosphere for £50 a bottle - no joke!)

JuliaM said...

" I may remove this post in the morning. "

No, don't do that!You are spot on.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Bill, lets hope the closing ceremony is as good as the opener.

My friends told me similar to your experience at the `village`. Thanks for taking the trouble to leave a comment. PNC records only show one side of a persons story - guidelines for the wise and all that - and shouldn't prejudice an encounter beyond being `cautious`. I never let a bit of form put me off having a natter and even a couple of beers with some of my less than squeaky clean locals, during my `day`. Glad you didn't have yours spoilt.

JuliaM: My vino tolerance must be on the increase ;)

CI-Roller Dude said...

Mate, to let you know, the Olympics are all some of us are watching over here in the land of sun shine (California). Great show!