Thursday, 7 February 2013

M.P. Person Specification - `Flair and originality?`

What is it about Eastleigh in Hampshire that results in a history of scandal involving their elected representatives? Surely they deserve better than this? but then again the constituents are the ones who cast the votes. Democracy works like that. But why poor old Eastleigh? I would demand that someone checks the water supply.

Pete Seeger said something about all this many, many moons ago....

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sparkflash said...

As Shakespeare once said "..I am afeard there are few die well that die in a battle.." but there are certainly worse ways to go. I think being found hanging in a wardrobe with a bag over your head and naked but for stockings and suspenders is probably up there.

Though when you consider the ignominy of being crushed to death by tipping a vending machine on top of yourself as you try to shake free the snack that the machine is holding, I think it may not be as bad. If only to consider the unease of friends and relatives at your funeral eulogy.
"He went out, doing what he loved.."