Thursday, 30 May 2013

Police `allowed` to charge a `suspected` murderer

Some of my old comrades from the Metropolitan Police have sent me news, great news, from none other than the Crown Prosecution Service:

Statement from CPS:-

"Following the release of Michael Adebowale from hospital, we have authorised the police to charge him with the murder of Drummer Rigby.
"We have also authorised police to charge him with possession of a firearm, contrary to section 16A of the Firearms Act 1968.
"There is sufficient evidence to prosecute Michael Adebowale and it is in the public interest to do so."

As you can imagine, the guys and gals of The Met` are overjoyed that, seemingly , the CPS appear to have agreed (possibly unanimously, but I await confirmation on this point) on what they consider to be "Sufficient Evidence" . Their definition of `in the public interest`  is adjourned sine die, awaiting further clarification.

Being an English Literature student I felt immensely moved and at times like this I always reach for my Browning.     Sleep easy, Britain. Twelve of the clock and all is well.......

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