Friday, 20 December 2013

Annoying `Middle Englanders` part deux

Two posts below tells the tale of my last encounter with a middle England blue-rinser.

The below clip, drawn to my attention by an American buddy (who's just discovered the delights of Ms Tate) actually does a great job in identifying this phenomena. He told me that there is a very clearly identifiable American equivalent. I was sorry to hear that. Seems escaping from religious persecution, a revolution, a civil war and a re-write of democracy still can't compete with human nature!



BillB said...

She is hilarious!

Hogdayafternoon said...

Bill, especially when you know Tottenham.

Trobairitz said...

"I've only just wrapped my head around hummus." Brilliant!!

Quartermaster said...

There was a woman at my workplace in Ohio that was leaving to transfer to another district. She divorced her husband, all the while saying she loved him, and giving a bunch of excuses why she was leaving.

Turned out she was trying to run from herself, and there are two things you can't run from, yourself and human nature. The founders tried to minimize the effects of human nature in US government, but they only proved that human nature is insidious and will work around almost any blocks you place in its way.

We may have been degraded a bit more slowly than the UK, but we aren't far behind you, alas.

I hope you and Mrs. Hogday had a good Christmas.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Glad a few more of my American chums `got this`. Bill, you may have started a fan base. Yes, QM, human nature doesn't alter just because of a few thousand miles of ocean. Happy New Year one and all -

(and check those `sell by` dates on your gooseberry and cinnamon Yo-girt).