Saturday, 28 March 2009

Everybody suffers

Reading Area Trace No Search's last post reminded me of what a chum told me last night about the policing operation for the G20 in London this week. The Metropolitan Police (up with the best in the business on demonstrations and matters `public order`) have actually requested mutual aid from as far afield as North Yorkshire! This is a bit like the NYPD requesting mutual support from Montana. (and to the gang from North Yorks, yes it really is true that an average central London police station has more police than Pateley Bridge has residents). Those police from all over the country going to the capital to help police and protect as a result of the G20 `troublemakers and anarchists are not in their own towns and counties (they can't all be on paid rest day working) so countless people outside London suffer, in some way or other, from their local police force being diminished still further, but they probably won't even realise it - only those left filling up the ever growing gaps will. I offer my sincerest good wishes to my ex colleagues over the coming few days and hope that you all complete your tours of duty on G20, as unbruised as you were when you started, get some decent feeding and come away with some decent o/t in your bin when its all over. All the very best to each and every one of you.


Blue Eyes said...

Agree with that!

Dark Side said...

Well said Hogday, lets hope it's peaceful..xx