Friday, 18 June 2010

Rally to the Colours

Must dash. I'm off to meet HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York, ceremonial Head of The Yorkshire Regiment.  I will be wearing my Help for Heroes badge with pride.

(Can't hang about as I am charging £10 an hour and want to give the maximum VFM)


Blue Eyes said...

£10/hour or part thereof, I hope!

That is the scam I use to get ten quid for three minutes work ;-)

Hogday said...

You should be Fergie's agent.

Anonymous said...

I just had a night of the long screwdrivers which will see me working for a lot less than £10 for half of next week. Looked like a good job, but I hit porridge-weaving rather than gold. Still, I may have found a title for the book!

Hogday said...

ACO: Huzzah! Well I have another full, fractured day before we take a 48 hr break and visit Hogwarts. Then I have 2 days left to complete the working of my notice (It was actually 5 days but I told them they could have the money for 3 days rather than the sweat of my labour - a subtle message that says `You are rejected`)