Monday, 17 January 2011

Are YOU insured for sex?

SEX with your wife - legal & general
SEX with your future wife - Mutual Trust
SEX with your secretary - Employers Liability
SEX with a prostitute - Commercial Union
SEX on the telephone - Direct line
SEX with your biographer - Quote me happy
SEX in a hurry- Insure & go 
SEX with your boyfriend -standard life
SEX with a transvestite - confused . com
SEX with some one different - go compare . com
SEX with an animal - compare the meerkat . com 
SEX with a fat bird - More Than
SEX on the back seat - sheila's wheels
SEX with an o.a.p - saga
SEX with a posh bird - privilege .com
SEX with a sheep - Farmers Union


Blue Eyes said...

SEX with an Aussie - Royal and Sun Alliance
SEX with a Spaniard - AVIVA
SEX with your cousin - Norwich Union
Adventurous SEX - Columbus Direct
Not just any SEX - M&S Insurance
Safe, reliable SEX - Zurich

Anonymous said...

One suspects none of these companies will insure adolescents against sex outcomes on actuarial grounds. Perhaps we could introduce a certificate of such insurance to reduce welfare mothering and multiple siring-always-absent fathering?

sparkflash said...

SEX with my hand - Personal Accident Liability Insurance

Hogdayafternoon said...

It just gets worse and worse.....! I'd better replace this with something sensible - tall order.

JuliaM said...

BE, you're going to hell for the 'Norwich Union' one... ;)

TonyF said...

Same sex SEX - It's an Equitable Life

Hogdayafternoon said...

Blue and JuliaM: We're ALL somebody's cousin :-/

ACO: Nice one. You are tapping into one of the few things left that we don't have to have a licence to do, prior training or health and safety risk assessment to participate in.

Sparks: Are you one of these types who, when reaching a climax, shouts their own name out? ;)

TonyF: Nice one sir, but don't dwell on these for too long, will you!