Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Duxford Warbirds

Legend has it that this Vulcan out turned an F15 at high altitude....and later put a furrow in the desert, out of Nellis, with a wingtip....probly the usual pilot BS



Blue Eyes said...

Mmm. But have you seen this (again)?


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I can but the part about out turning an F-15. After all, due to the difference in the size of the control surfaces in the thinner air, a B-17 could out turn a Zero above 20,000 feet. I say Horse Elbows to the claim about dragging a wingtip and surviving, that seems a far stretch.

Nice to see the F7F Tigercat! Grumman Rules!

Did you read my stupid question in the bike post?

Suz said...

Love the old birds, especially the B-17. She just Puuurrrrs! I need to get an air show fix!

Anonymous said...

To a British summer full of thwack of leather on willow - and the grinding screams if engines of death over Knutsford.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Scott: Just checked the bike post. My D/L has surname first, then forenames. I have no title! When a Lord of the Realm signs his name it is always the last bit eg If he is Lord Crathorn he will sign simply `Crathorn` or Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington would sign, `Kirkwhelpington`.

As for the Vulcan in the turn, yes of course, it makes sense, thin air + big wing. The furrow in the sand was something I heard that was bandied about after a "Red Flag" exercise around 1980. Who knows!

Blue: Didn't see that. Remarkable `beyond the cutting edge` stuff. You know that the British were well ahead in aeronautical r&d in the post war years and produced remarkable aircraft (along with a few old dogs) but was totally bogged down by government interference and unbelievably bad management that prevailed across the industry, with a few exceptions. I hope the last 2 paras of the report hold up.

Suz: Glad you liked! I have a load more on that disc, I'll post up in a wee while.

ACO: I'll drink to that! Life's pleasures are getting thin on the ground and thinner in the air.

sparkflash said...

Duxford's just up the road from me, so I often get to enjoy watching the planes flying to or from there. Saw a Seafury only yesterday.
A good pub in the village of Newton, called the Queen's Head, where I got to watch a Spitfire and a Hurricane indulge in a bit of dogfighting, last summer.
Always loved the Corsair - those gull-wings make it the prettiest American plane. Though the Mustang is a bit special..

Hogdayafternoon said...

Hi Spark`, I love Duxford - a 2 hr hop for me. Will try to make it again soon. Pub sounds perfect. Will post up a Mustang in the second batch of pics.

sparkflash said...

This is the place.


It does soup, sandwiches and Adnams - so that should make you happy! And if you ask what the soup is, you get told the colour.
The "dark brown" with a rare roast beef sandwich is heartily recommended.
If you want to actually get a seat, then best be in there before 1pm.

Hogdayafternoon said...

Sparkflash: LoL. Love the pointing on the brickwork!!
I used to use a pub near a hamlet called Froxfield, Hants. The barman was a former WW2 Spitfire pilot. It was a pub renowned for its excellent casked ales. I was `propping up` one evening and a London trendy + bimbo + Lotus came in and ordered a Southern Comfort and lemonade and a shandy. Barman shot me one of his `bandits at 3 O`clock` glances. Then the bloke asked for a packet of smokey bacon flavoured crisps. It was too much! Our man folded his arms and said, "This is a country pub not a bloody restaurant". Exit Rupert and Fiona. We lined up the pints for our Reg.