Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Peek Down the Tubes?

Following on from my last two pictorial posts, I came across this site having recently read a great book about post WW2 British Aviation.

Are these some of `the tubes` down which my country started to disappear?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, a great Naval aviator sets a high bench mark in integrity, leadership, professionalism and some serious backbone. Oh that others we could all probably name could even summon up the courage to just say `sorry`.

With acknowlegment to Neptunus Lex who ran the original post. (You have to have a keen eye to spot the `flaw` that made this Commander rest himself).


TonyF said...

Well, considering that would be a 'career caption' it takes integrity to admit that one was less than professional. It's a pity some of the lackwits that 'steer' our county don't do the same.

Blue Eyes said...

I certainly think that our treatment of the mentally ill has been appalling for time immemorial. First the asylums and now care in the community.

Sort out that and the criminals and we might be pretty happy.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to some of the 'high skill, yet more education' blather, we'd do better to make a few 'tubes'. We seem to be teaching people they can never admit any failings, a sure way down the tubes. I think I prefer the liquid lunchers to the current lot, who waste my time sober!

A A Gruntpuddock said...

The downturn started when the government decided to force all the aircraft manufacturers to amalgamate. Previously, there had been a myriad of minds working on different approaches. After that it was design by committee and it all fell apart. Same thing happened in the car industry.