Tuesday, 11 October 2011

East Anglia Adventure

Hello Chums,
Just a quick message from the eastern front. Successfully struck camp a couple of weeks ago and relocated
A couple of things were necessary upon arrival; 1. Setting one’s watch back 20 years in order to blend in with the locals.
2. Adding an extra `o` to any words containing that fourth vowel eg: “Norfolk” becomes “NOOfolk”. “Hotel” becomes “hootel”, “Cromer” = “Croomer”, “Lifeboat” = “Lifeboot”, etc. 
3. Removing certain other consonents to remove unnecessary syllables eg; “Norwich” is pronounced “Norge”. 3(counting is difficult at the moment). Learning other bits of useful lingo. The other night we were having a mardle, oover the 5 bar gate. (no photos I'm afraid).

Local produce is for sale at the end of quite a few front gardens so we are treating ourselves to fresh, free range eggs, jams, chutneys and fresh veg. We'll be growing our own soon as we're getting an allotment that seems to be half the size of the Isle of Wight. I'll need to get a tractor (no jokes about my Harley Davidson please)
We live near the hill. It doesn’t need a name as it’s the only one in the county which means RAF pilots are narrowly avoiding it all the time, in fact now I think about it, it's actually in Suffolk. On that RAF subject, I saw the RAF Tornado the other day. It took off from what I presumed was RAF Marham (pron. Marm), batted low and fast due south, turned left at the hill and after a couple of top-ups, delivered some munitions onto a suburb of Sirte, Libya, before returning to UK at about 1530 and taking up air defence duties until it got dark at 7pm and they had to conserve energy and turn out the runway lights and approach radar.
Anyway old chums, that’s all for the moment. Must get back to erecting the peat wall defences – south facing - as we’re only 100 meters from the Suffolk border (haven’t yet mentioned to the neighbours that I come from 300+ years worth of the Suffolk Hogday's of Wickham Market, apparently that sort of thing can stop a conversation round these ‘ere marshes.
Yours etc,


sparkflash said...

My geography isn't quite what it should be, but I do believe that you can't be more than forty-five minutes from the Woodford Brewery in Woodbastwick.
Luck like that could almost turn a man to religion.

Blue Eyes said...

ROFL x several!

Have you got your Adnams import licence application in yet?

Hogdayafternoon said...

Spark`: 30 miles NNE of here. I'll check that little bugger out before too long. Ta.

Blue: There's an Adnams shop in town!! Mrs HD is there as I type this reply, at the national bake week open invite competition. She's entered her `carrot cake a la Hog`.

CI-Roller Dude said...

We have so many versions of "English" in the US, that often if a group of people from all over the country are put into a room, we have no idea what anybody is saying.

Then there are those of us who try to screw up the language in our own way. Try anding an "R" to as many words as you can when talking.

Hogdayafternoon said...

CI-RD:that is hilarious :))

Anonymous said...

I envy the allotment Hoggie - I've gone over to raised beds here on account of the back and slug control. Beautiful part of the world, though I hear some of the hedgerows have gone and the soil is blowing into the sea. I used to hang around Thetford. You'll soon be very local and find the webbed-toes an acceptable impediment given increased swimming speed.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Yes thatr can be'r pretty'r funny, me wife'r hates when I say I have an Idea'r.