Friday, 11 January 2013

`New` sidearm for Britain's armed forces

This has been a long time coming. Why did it go on for so long? *Adolf warned us off the Browning nearly seventy years ago:

Hitlergram No. 136
Who has been giffing mein Afrika Korps zer drag clothes!
It vos me meiner Führer.
You dumb kopf!! You silly Nana, vy zer poofs do ve have in zer army!
Nix poofs, zese are drag artists, zey are training to keep up zer morale of zer boys.
Vot I hear zer boys have all be up zer drag artists, how can mein Afrika Korps make shoot bang fire fight vit zer sore arses.
Zey like it mein Führer.
Like it? Zey must stop it!!! No more zer brown hatting until zer final victory. Give zer order. Stop all zer Browning!
*(Courtesy of Spike Milligan)


Blue Eyes said...

SIdearms from Austria. Ammo from Belgium. I hope we know what we're doing!

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I prefer a larger bullet. I shall stay with .45ACP. I do not understand the allure of the GLOCK. That thing has such an appalling grip angle, and I consider the trigger system to be an accidental discharge waiting to happen. give me an HK or a SIG, please, or let me have my Colt Government Model.

Quartermaster said...

If I liked DA pistols I'd take an HK USP. Since I don't I'll take the good ol' firearms design genius Moses Browning's design we call the M1911. I'm also a steadfast proponent of the big hole theory. I like the .50 AE, but a Desert Eagle is a bit of a handful for me in rapid fire. I could stand it in a modified scary gun like an Ar-15. Someone made an upper for the .50 AE. It took a modified 30 round mag to hold 10 rounds of .50 AE. But it would get the attention of target real quick.

I am happy with the .45ACP, however.