Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Do you suffer from memory loss? (I can't remember)

"Training", is about providing hooks to which you can hang facts, figures, words and deeds. This is because we tend to think in images not letters. You make a learning point by associating it with an image, an action, a funny story, an interesting anecdote, the more outrageous the better. Making it memorable is the job of the trainer.
I know this works because someone asked a now senior police officer if they ever knew me. The chap said, "Hmm, 1983, I was a probationary officer on a regular training week at the police training school. Motor Vehicle Construction and Use regulations practical. He was our instructor. He appeared around the corner riding a motorcycle, no hands, with his crash helmet on back to front. Yes, I remember him". That made oi larrf
(Funny thing is, I can't remember it!)


Trobairitz said...

Visuals definitely make for better memories.

I was going to say something else, but I can't remember what it was.


Quartermaster said...

Something is very wrong in that pic. Everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road! Did you reverse the pic somehow? :-)

There's an old joke about aging:

As you age you lose three things,

1. Your looks
2. Your mind

I can't remember the third one.