Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Kingdom for a horse (or an MRI)

I had a great week at the Police Rehabilitation Centre. Many of the physiotherapists were former NHS employees and they were brilliant (as I'm sure they were when they were with the NHS). All the health care professionals I saw during the last 10 months were also truly impressive, but I got my physio treatment as quickly as I did because I paid into the police welfare fund for 32 years and as a retiree I am still entitled to apply for treatment.

Now, take Richard the Third, beaten to death at the battle of Bosworth, 1485, the location of his remains undiscovered until 2012. After extensive scientific forensic examinations including X-Rays, CT and MRI scans, the news re King Richard III has just been released.

Taking into account the lack of health care in 1485, but factoring in his position in society (he was `King` after all), the population increase over the following 500 years and the added complication that his remains were unknown and I roughly calculate that, all things considered, he still got his MRI before I did


Trobairitz said...

Seems a sad state of affairs that a long dead king got his MRI before you, but that is just par for the course, yeah?

Hogdayafternoon said...

Trob`: The professional health carers in the NHS are the best. My emergency treatment last November (head injury) was as good as it gets, anywhere. But the administration is incredibly cumbersome and even people working in the system can't always tell you what the hell is going on. But all my treatment was `free`.