Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Green Shoots of Crime Reduction - "Go Gordon!" (No, I mean really, GO)

I got a message from a local police officer yesterday via the Neighbourhood Watch alert system. I was told that a group of travellers had moved into the area and to be on the lookout as they would most likely be touting for work. This is good advice because, statistically, when these traveller groups arrive, you could almost watch the reports for artifice crime go up before your very eyes. The old and vulnerable being at particular risk. It was funny, because when I wanted to issue such a message across the area I used to police, less than a decade ago, I was slapped down by my superintendent for even suggesting such a `crime prevention` message as it was `too sensitive and we'd have their lawyers onto us`. The fact that I could produce the previous 3 years figures to show the spike in crime, directly overlapped by the period of their occupancy in our area, was to no avail. Perhaps things are indeed looking up for crime reduction, like Gordon Brown said yesterday? Update, 2nd Oct: Oops, spoke too soon. New message from Neighbourhood Watch at the police station, theft of horses and horse boxes has just started in the area. Not bad, we managed almost a week before it started, last time.


Sage said...

I am sure that there are good 'uns around.. I just haven't ever had the pleasure of meeting one.. the last one that came touting for business up our street legged it when the dogs came out.. of course they thought it was just a big joke and chased him.. he legged it faster and so did they until I found breath enough from laughing to call them back... perhaps they knew something I didn't.

dickiebo said...

"....the fact that it is true, shall be no defence..."
Oh! And ACPO.

Hogday said...

You and me both, Sage. You're lucky they didn't nick the dog - a common practice if it looks like a good rabbit/hare/deer catcher.

ACPO. Sounds like a condition you get from sitting on your spotty behind for too long, doesn't it Dickiebo!

powdergirl said...

Are these the "gray haired Romanies" you've mentioned?

That pile of mouldering garbage in the campground has got to be a health and safety hazard ,no?

Hogday said...

Hi PG. Nope, not exactly lol. Hint: They don't pay taxes and the local council has to foot the clean-up bill. Anyone else who has dropped by to read this post want to answer the nice Powdergirl's question? All comments will be the responsibility of the author, not me ;)

Hogday said...

PG: Yes, I sounded like I was running a discussion group for 6th form social studies for a minute,there. Was in a rush.

I was actually asking for suggestions as to how UK "Travellers" could be described to someone from Canada. I guess if you think "Indian Reservations" and all the controversy that causes, you'll get the drift - exept these folks aren't usually `first nation` indigenous.

powdergirl said...

Ah, yes I see the similarities. NO disrespect to our First Nations intended, but my yard is currently a construction disaster so I'm always telling people that if I were to display a few major appliances and perhaps a couplea hood-up vehicular wrecks on blocks, I'd probably be able to apply for my own 'status Indian card' and save really alot of money on taxes.

I blame our system of government from start to finish on this more than I do the indigenous peoples, its been a cluster-f**k from start to finish, and it ain't ever going to be over.

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