Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the press (not)

With everything else that the individual officers of the Metropolitan Police have to contend with, especially of late, including taking lots of flak that the vast majority of officers had nothing whatsoever to do with, I thought I'd post up something I discovered whilst searching for something completely different, but having the same initials `ATAC`.

I've never heard of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, although I am aware of any number of groups who like to give themselves the suffix of "Army" for some reason, doubtless connected with a primeval male macho bonding thing.  Anyway, I suddenly found myself reading a letter and knowing that most of my former colleagues in The Met and elsewhere rarely see such things, I thought I'd share with the tiny few who occasionally drop by this blog. Nice one guys.

Association of Tartan Army Clubs
Address protected on websites

29 March 2011

Derek Kirkwood
Security Officer
Scottish Football Association
Hampden Park

Dear Derek,

Brazil –v- Scotland, The Emirates, Sunday 27 March 2011
Metropolitan Police & The Stewards

I write on behalf of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) and the many thousands of Scottish football supporters who attended the above match.

We would be grateful if you could extend our gratitude and thanks to those officers from the Metropolitan Police who were on duty at the above match. Indeed throughout the city both before and after the match. We know that they had a number of issues to deal with in the city over the weekend, but it was clear that they were willing to offer assistance and a smile.

We found them to be extremely professional, pleasant and in good humour when dealing with the many Scottish supporters who attended the match. It was a pleasure to be treated with respect and courtesy, which no doubt assisted in the overall carnival like atmosphere both in and outside the stadium.

Praise also has to go to the Stewards supplied by Arsenal Football Club; they were highly professional and helpful.

There’s no doubt that you had briefed them well on what to expect Derek - good job, well done.

We appreciate that policing and stewarding a football match can be a thankless task. However can we simply say to them THANK YOU.

Yours sincerely

Jim Brown
ATAC – SFA Liaison.

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