Saturday, 12 December 2009

Cool Hand Hogday?

Job Title: Community Service Supervisors
Job Type: Contract / Part - Time
Job Location:
Job Salary: £10 per hour
Job Benefits:
Job Employer: Criminal Justice Skills
Job Skills:
Our client, a high performing Probation Area, has an urgent requirement for Community Service Supervisors This is a superb opportunity for those who are looking for a part time role to help keep them busy! Successful candidates will have previous experience of working with offenders and come from a Police, Probation, Youth Offending or Housing backgrounds. You should also have practical experience of work such as Gardening, DIY, decorating etc Your main duties will include supervising a team of offenders (up to 6) while carrying out community service tasks including gardening, litter picking or ground clearance. No previous experience is necessary as on the job training will be given. This is a contract position starting ASAP I didn't realise that crime pays £10 an hour? The above job spec was sent to me today. Sadly, I never had time to pick up any decent gardening skills during my police career and my DiY is strictly `do it for Myself`, so I won't be applying for this one - unless, of course, I get to sit on a horse, wear a cowboy hat and mirrored sunglasses and carry a Winchester .30 30 rifle


Conan the Librarian™ said...

I'm shakin' the bush boss, shakin the bush...

Hogday said...

Ah, Conan, still traumatised by the car wash scene I fear....

powdergirl said...

Hell, Hd, if it comes with a horse a hat and big gun, I'll take that job myself!

Oh, my gardening skills include the complete and permanent destruction of any hardpan clay or offending rock outcrops.

I think I could really love this job.