Saturday, 12 December 2009

A Pledge, A Pledge, my Kingdom for a Pledge!

Spare a thought for a guy I know well, a serving police officer of over 24 years experience. A frontline officer for most of his service, he's been battling with a nasty medical condition that's laid him very low. He has had quite a bit of time off on sick leave with it, but seems to be winning the fight and is much better, although the force Medical Officer has deemed that he needs regular hours to aid his recovery and continued well being. This has resulted in him coming off his beloved beat work. However, he feels his fate may be worse than death, as he is now in fear of being posted into a department...yes, thats right a department that ensures the implementation of....THE PLEDGE (Bollocks don't come in much bigger loads than this). Faced with the prospect of joining the `team` that has the heavy responsibility of, amongst other things, thinking up slogans and creating stickers that say "Drive to Arrive", to then be stuck in all the police vehicles in the fleet, he fears he may soon be in the queue for stress counselling, something he never thought he'd need. I wonder if this bloody Pledge and its stickers is what Home Sec. Alan Johnson's 10% cut in overtime is paying for? Or perhaps we should all just go to church and pray for common sense guidance to prevail. Well it's what Tony Blair did in a crisis, wasn't it?