Friday, 23 September 2011

Goodbye to all that

  3 years ago this very month, having returned from Nova Scotia for the 4th time in 3 years, we put the hogpen up for sale with high hopes. Whatever we decided, we realised we could do nothing unless we had the equity in the bank, so we decided to sell and rent. Previously we'd sold our homes within weeks of putting them on the market, but not this time. Its a lovely property, a barn conversion, local stone with some walls 2 feet thick. It's sturdy, in a village that wins awards every year in the Yorkshire in Bloom contests. I always chipped in and my designated week of watering the hanging baskets along the main streets of the village clearly swung the judges this time around, as we got the elusive Gold Award. But in our hearts we knew we were not destined to live here. It was lovely, but somehow it wasn't home.

We moved up here when I was offered an `out of the blue` job that my CV could have been written for, but working for it full time was different to the previous 14 months as a `consultant` and after 6 months I walked. I'd promised myself that after leaving the po-lice, I'd never stay in a job that woke me up at 2am, either from worry or phone calls and my promise was called to action. The 7/7 bombings didn't help but there was more to it than that. (Note to employers: Never piss off a guy with a private pension because he can clear his desk and vanish in under a minute).

3 years down the line and apart from a few extra greys, we have 3 grandchildren - amazing when I don't look a day over 33. We are not moving in to their neighbourhood, not even into the same county, but we'll have half the travelling time and our beloved London will be a mere 90 minutes train ride away when we need an urban fix. I have no job now as all the `hobby jobs` I did over the last 5 years, after quitting the aforementioned stressor, have come and gone, serving their purpose. I enjoyed them all and made lots of acquaintences and a few friends. A bonus, however you look at it.

Mrs HD did similar. She had a `leaving dinner` last night and had a blast with her boss and workmates, great people, some of whom we'll continue to see. As a result of her work, we are now great friends with a Japanese lady and her New Zealander husband, living and working nearby. We know her parents, lovely gentle people, whose home was cracked by the awful, devastating earthquake. They were far enough inland to be spared the tsunami that followed. They have visited us several times, on the last occasion he treated us to 3 verses of `Amazing Grace`, followed by `The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond`, played on a harmonica, one of the most surreal moments this old house has experienced in its 160 year history. We have another female friend, who is Russian, studying in the UK to be an accountant but who is currently assigned a modelling contract and is in China for 3 months. People who are enriching our lives.

My final Pilates class was yesterday. I was `Man Thursday`, the only guy in the group, although they never made me feel as if I was, something I doubt would have happened were the situation reversed. The coach was a star and the class were all delightful ladies and were very considerate of my shy and retiring nature, forcing me into their coffee and cake sessions after class ;) Star coach even got me a bottle of Jack Daniel's - must have associated that with me riding a big Harley. I never mentioned the moisturiser I use - a man must have his secrets.

So here we are, all our worldly goods in cardboard boxes awaiting Mr Shifter next week. But all the really important stuff doesn't come or go in any box. Cheerio and see you later.


Ben said...

Good luck.

sparkflash said...

"Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place."

- Thufir Hawat

He's at least half right.

dickiebo said...

Be good and stay safe dear!!!!! (Bloody moisturiser? I had to look it up!)

TonyF said...

Ah, it'll be in the box at the bottom of the pile....

All the best!

JuliaM said...

Bon voyage! Hope you remembered to pack the tea, sugar and kettle in the handiest box :)

powdergirl said...

Happy Moving Day!
Don't forget to pack all your wee internet friends along with you : )

Blue Eyes said...

Hope the move goes well. You'll hopefully have better weather Down South too :-)

Hogdayafternoon said...

Ben: Thanks.

Spark`: I must see Dune again. never quite got it the first time :-/

Dickiebo: Don't mention the bloody moisturiser ;)

TonyF: I may volunteer at the 100th Bomb Group museum

JuliaM: Yes, keep the shifters happy

Powdergirl: You're already in the new Notepad!

Blue: Looks like I'll be riding down in a balmy 27C.

sparkflash said...

Can't say the film did all that much for me - but the book itself is a rare work of imaginative genius.

Anonymous said...

The house I inherited sold last week subject to the usual - nice family so it looks OK. Nice to have equity and to finally part with academic teaching and management development. Can't take much JD these days, but will raise a glass of it in your general direction tomorrow afternoon. Always good to know gradely folk Hog.

Sage said...

Good luck with Mr Shifter next week o hope it went well whichever is applicable.

Bricks and Mortar only become a home when you feel the heart of the house and like you I never did at the Back of Beyond. Good luck with finding your heart place xx