Tuesday, 13 September 2011

We are all someone's `weird acquaintance`

Prince Charles caught some more flak the other day.

A lot of people think he is eccentric, well from my perspective that all depends on what you classify as `normal` and in my 30 years as a police officer, including  my other life experiences, I learnt not to use that word.
I can tell you that they are not at all eccentric. Why, even when Her Maj refused to allow the police to install mains vhf radios in the Royal automobiles `the Met` just shrugged and went along with it, which meant me and my chums in blue had to go along with it as well – until some nut tried to kidnap The Princess Royal and her personal protection officer took several incoming rounds without being able to radio for assistance on his out of range, 50/50 iffy uhf, hand held radio – that and because he had bullet holes in him (no body armour then), he was bleeding into unconsciousness and unable to return fire due to a stoppage (thats a weapon `jam`). Fortunately my colleague Mick was nearby and put in the call before he too was shot. When I last enquired I heard that Mick still has the bullet, nicely quarterised, nestling next to his liver - safer than the op to remove it. They fitted radios to the cars after that little scare. Eccentric? Nah! This is eccentric


Anonymous said...

Frogs of box mad a as. Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying.

Blue Eyes said...

I never use the word "normal" because you are correct: there is no such thing.

However I do use the word "nut".

Hogdayafternoon said...

Ex: Yes, (to both I guess!)

Blue: I was on the small team who took the subject of that final link to court the next day. He was asked why he shot our mate, Mick (the uniform Pc). His reply, "He was in the way". Still, at least we got him before he joined a gun club and someone granted him a firearms licence.

powdergirl said...

Most people seem pretty normal until you get to know them.

Blue Eyes said...

Was there really a DC Frank of Uxbridge Constabulary?

Blue Eyes said...

And how much overtime did he run up being on that chap's tail 24/7?

JuliaM said...

"So you can see that, as I will have over £4million, I am well-placed to offer such a large reward."

I'm going to send this link to the next Nigerian email scammer that gets past my work PC filter (my own PC is far, far better protected)... ;)

Hogdayafternoon said...

Blue: I think he transferred to Bumsteadshire Constabulary and then later flew Vulcan bombers to the Falkland Islands.

As a cadet, I was once asked, in lieu of the police surgeon, to put on a white coat and treat a drunk who'd got his finger trapped in the cell door of a rather punchy sarf London police station, so you never know.

JuliaM: Personally, I think he's fit to be released onto the floor of the Stock Exchange.